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Our policy papers focus on different themes with regard to crime prevention and aim at policymakers. Before formulating recommendations, these papers first have a look at the existing EU policy.

Our last edition:
This policy paper was written in tandem with the toolbox ‘preventing individual fraud’ and focusses on the main theme of the Bulgarian Presidency: fraud with a special focus on phone scams. As fraud covers a whole range of topics, we decided to narrow down our focus to individual fraud. This entails frauds committed against individuals by individuals or criminal organisations. Increasingly, this type of fraud has become profitable and a cross-border enterprise, some scholars even call these offenders ‘scampreneurs’. Consequently, this type of crime deserves an EU-wide approach.

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EUCPN and the policy cycle

EU Policy Cycle: what is it, how does it work and what is the role of prevention?!

The EUCPN is involved in the EMPACT projects of Trafficking in Human Beings, Organized Property Crime and Environmental Crime. The objectives are to create EU wide prevention campaigns, focus days and large-scale prevention projects. Through this the EUCPN would like to support all EU Member States in developing preventive activities or helping them to continue their activities.

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