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Report on National Crime Prevention Councils

In multiple Member States there are semi-independent crime prevention councils in place. Since the European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN) wants to be a platform for crime prevention, the EUCPN Secretariat organised the first meeting for National Crime Prevention Councils (NCPCs) in March 2018. The main goal was to exchange information and experiences about the functioning of NCPCs. After the meeting the EUCPN Sec asked each Member State to complete a questionnaire about their NCPC and the National Crime Prevention Strategies (NCPS). Two questionnaires were send out: one for Member States with a NCPC and one for Member States without one. In the first document (report) an analysis of made of the responses of the Member States who filled in the questionnaire and gave a presentation during the meeting. The second document (summary) gives a detailed overview of the responses of the Member States.

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History And Evolution Of The European Crime Prevention Award

The booklet consists of 4 parts. At first there is detailed description of the historical overview of the ECPA, in which we make a detailed analysis of all the aspects that have shaped the development of the award. The second chapter gives an overview of the evolution of all projects that have won the ECPA. We start with a description of the project, followed by its evolution. Evolution of the projects until 2009 are in the brochure with the update from the year 2010. As in 2010, the first overview of the ECPA projects was made and in preparing the second edition we agreed to focus to get an overview of the recent projects, nominated to ECPA since 2010. This edition also contains the graphical overview of the participating and the winning Member States, all listed on yearly bases.

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