Toolbox - bullying among minors

Three papers make up the EUCPN toolbox on bullying among minors:

An ecological approach towards effective anti-bullying interventions
This theoretical paper provides an overview of the phenomenon, the many types of anti-social behaviour that can be categorised as bullying, and the players involved. Secondly, the paper promotes an ecological approach, meaning it will focus on bullying at every level of a minor’s life: individual level, family level, school level, and community level. Possible effects of bullying involvement will be discussed at every one of these levels, as well as possible risk- and protective factors that are associated with bullying.

Effective prevention approaches
This practical paper discusses evidence-based prevention strategies against bullying that can be applied on every level of a minor’s life (individual, family, school and community level).

European Crime Prevention Award 2021
This paper provides an overview of all entries participating in the 2021 edition of the European Crime Prevention Award.

This Toolbox is written under the Slovenian Presidency.
Published: December 2021.