Toolbox - domestic violence and intimate partner homicide


This paper highlights two specific aspects to practitioners and policymakers working in the field of domestic violence. The first emphasises the need for targeted and tailored approaches. Domestic violence is often treated as a single phenomenon, yet we can identify different types: situational couple violence and intimate terrorism. Secondly, we emphasises one of the targeted approaches that has received less attention within this field: perpetrator programmes. These programmes work with violent men and aim to increase their sense of responsibility and accountability for their behaviour and to enable them to unlearn this behaviour.


This toolbox was written in the light of the Portuguese Presidency of the EUCPN.
Published: September 2021


Table of contents:

1. Domestic violence is not a unitary phenomenon 
Situational couple violence  
Intimate terrorism 
2. Working with violent partners: perpetrator programmes
Support and disrupt
The ins and outs of a perpetrator programme
3. Final remarks