Toolbox - High-risk victim groups: Preventing repeat and secondary victimisation


Two papers make up the EUCPN toolbox on High-risk victim groups: Preventing repeat and secondary victimisation.

  • This first paper provides a theoretical overview combined with practical information and examples on the topic of repeat- and secondary victimisation. The first chapter examines which groups of people can be considered as high-risk victim groups due to their personal susceptibility characteristics. The second chapter discusses how the victim-centred approach as well as multi-agency cooperation can play a role in preventing secondary victimisation. The final chapter focuses on breaking the cycle of repeat victimisation by encouraging victims’ reporting behaviours, referring them successfully to other support services and assisting them during a potential court trial. It is important to acknowledge that this toolbox focuses on the prevention of repeat and secondary victimisation from the victim's perspective, without placing any blame or responsibility with the victims themselves. Despite this paper’s focus, it is equally important to focus on tackling perpetrators who commit crimes in order to prevent victimisation.
  • The second paper provides an overview of the participants of the 2022 European Crime Prevention Award.

This toolbox was written in the light of the Czech Presidency of the EUCPN, and is available in English, French, German and Czech.
Published: December 2022.