Toolbox - party drugs and crime

Four papers make up the EUCPN toolbox on party drugs and crime:

Understanding the phenomenon
The term ‘party drugs’ does not refer to a specific pharmacological composition, but refers instead to drugs used with the intention of creating or enhancing recreational experiences, whether these be legal or illegal substances. The focus of this paper lies on understanding the relationship between party drugs and crime, and more specifically the risks associated with going out.

Effective approaches
The goal of this paper is to provide insights into the approaches taken to risks at recreational settings and the evidence that is available for them. We can conclude that multi-component interventions are recommended, as the different actors offer a broad perspective to help tackle problems and produce a wide range of interventions.

Darknet drug markets - The process
The main goal of this paper is to clarify the topic of (darknet) drug markets and party drugs by revisiting drug market stereotypes, by viewing illegal drug markets from an economic perspective and by zooming in on the important aspect of darknet drug markets and their criminal business process.

Darknet drug markets - Recommendations
This paper formulates concrete recommendations for action by means of a barrier model that can be applied to the trade of party drugs through darknet drug markets.


This toolbox was written in the light of the Croatian Presidency of the EUCPN.
Published: March 2021

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