An example of implementation of the mediation-reparation procedure

Amiens prison operates a young offenders’ section with accommodation for 12 inmates aged between 13 and 18 who are in preventive custody or serving sentences. The stimulus for the project was extensive damage caused by the minors held in the young offenders’ section of the prison which had rendered certain cells unusable. There are limited sanctions that can be applied to minors under these circumstances. It was proposed that the perpetrators could opt for a direct mediation-reparation procedure as an alternative to prosecution.

The project provides an illustration of a successful partnership between the judicial authorities, the prison authorities and community partners engaged in voluntary work, aimed at the prevention of repeat offending. The aim of the project was to ensure that the minors could clearly identify the nature and scope of the exercise in which they were participating. To make good the damage caused, the young offenders performed a variety of work including cleaning, surface preparation and painting. During the reparation procedure proper, emphasis was placed on respect for the environment, for oneself and for others, as well as on the cost of the repairs.


Mr Guillaume Lescaux
Deputy public prosecutor

Mrs Isabelle Liban
Prison manager, Maison d’arrêt d’Amiens

Mr Freddy Ambroise,
Deputy head of the Somme département prison insertion and probation service

Mr Jean-Michel Boulegue
Director of the Youth and judicial protection services


The project started in 2003 and is still running.
Last review: September 2015.


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