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The main objective of the research is to arrive at a teaching package on the evaluation of crime prevention, in which both educational material and concrete training, in the form of a scripted manual, are supplied. This is in line with the already identified needs of the field of practice and the good practices of evaluation.

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Deadline: 19/11/2020


Preventing physical ATM attacks


ATM attacks

'It is only a matter of time before modi operandi emerging in one country spread to other countries. This clearly indicates the need for adoption of the preventive and operational measures at the European level with private, public and law-enforcement partners working closely together'. Read more in our report, available in 22 languages.


Upcoming EUCPN toolbox on family-based crime

Criminality sometimes runs in families, most of which also struggle with other problems. Our upcoming toolbox discusses what works to prevent family-based crime, with an emphasis on the need of a holistic, multi-agency preventive approach. This toolbox will be published in December under the German Presidency, view our previous toolboxes.


EU Focus Day on 21 October

With a prevention campaign and local preventive initiatives, the EUCPN and 26 European countries aim to step up the fight against domestic burglary by informing citizens on how they can protect their homes. The second EU Focus Day will take place on 21 October 2020. Discover our prevention campaign and watch the new case movie.


ECPA call - deadline extended


The European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA) and Best Practice Conference (BPC) will take place on 2 - 4 December 2020 in Berlin, Germany. This year's topic is family-based organised crime. Entries for the ECPA should be submitted through the National Representative of each Member State to the EUCPN Secretariat, the deadline is 9 October 2020.

The ECPA focuses on groups whose members are related by family or family-like relations (such as clans). Younger family members are socialised in a criminal, often violent environment. It is very difficult for law enforcement but also for prevention initiatives to penetrate these groups. The German ECPA topic is about reaching out to such groups in order to break this cycle. Possible entries are measures starting at an earlier point in a person’s biography to interrupt the criminal pathways of young people. This may include sports and cultural activities or improving the perception of alternative ways of life (e.g. mandatory participation in preschool, assistance in school, vocational training and higher education) among affected groups.


Working Agreement with CEPOL 

EUCPN Chair Ivo Jakić
EUCPN Chair Ivo Jakić

On 23 June we have signed a Working Agreement with CEPOL (European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training) to strengthen our cooperation. The Agreement allows participation of the EUCPN Secretariat in CEPOL training sessions and CEPOL staff in EUCPN activities and enhances the dissemination of crime prevention initiatives and research.

The document was signed by CEPOL’s Executive Director, Dr.h.c Detlef Schröder and the current Chair of EUCPN, Mr. Ivo Jakić. Commenting on the signing of the Working Agreement, Executive Director of CEPOL, Dr.h.c Detlef Schröder stated:

CEPOL and EUCPN have worked together for several years in promoting crime prevention knowledge and practices among the law enforcement communities of EU Member States. I welcome the formalisation of this cooperation, which strengthens the important work both parties carry out and provides a good opportunity to emphasise the importance of common trainings for law enforcement officials to raise awareness and increase knowledge of international and European co-operation instruments and mechanisms. (Source)


 Toolbox 16 - Preventing drug-related crimes

Know what you are dealing with and act accordingly. It sounds simple, but in practice it is rather hard to follow. This toolbox is a guide to help you achieve your goals and prevent drug-related crimes effectively. (Published in May 2020)

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Organised property crime: winning the arms race

The goal of this paper is to shed light on several aspects of the arms race in relation to organised property crime,
the prevention thereof and the challenges it will face in the future. (Published in April 2020)

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Unaccompanied minors at risk:image 27
preventing child trafficking

It is estimated that over the past few years, tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors went missing in the European Union. From the crime prevention perspective, the fact that children are unaccompanied and the fact that they are off the authorities’ radar are major risk factors. To prevent trafficking of unaccompanied minors, it is essential that the necessary information is shared between relevant actors and to invest in training sessions tailored to different stakeholders. (Published in April 2020)

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