Winners of the European Crime Prevention Award

The European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA) and Best Practice Conference (BPC) took place on 8 and 9 December 2021. The theme was bullying and violence among minors (both online and offline). Press release of the Slovenian Presidency.


Gold medal

Ask for help

Provides various art, pedagogical and educational tools that help to discuss bullying and to address
mental health issues in combination with attitude formation.


silver medal

Safety skills education

Prevents sexual crimes against minors by enhancing children’s skills to define and protect their boundaries.



bronze medal

 Czech Republic

Through the use of an online trust box, victims and bystanders can anonymously raise their concerns regarding problematic interactions at school.


Toolbox - bullying among minors

Toolbox bullying among minors


Three papers make up the EUCPN toolbox on bullying among minors:

An ecological approach towards effective anti-bullying interventions
This theoretical paper provides an overview of the phenomenon, the many types of anti-social behaviour that can be categorised as bullying, and the players involved. Secondly, the paper promotes an ecological approach, meaning it will focus on bullying at every level of a minor’s life: individual level, family level, school level, and community level. Possible effects of bullying involvement will be discussed at every one of these levels, as well as possible risk- and protective factors that are associated with bullying.

Effective prevention approaches
This practical paper discusses evidence-based prevention strategies against bullying that can be applied on every level of a minor’s life (individual, family, school and community level).

European Crime Prevention Award 2021
This paper provides an overview of all entries participating in the 2021 edition of the European Crime Prevention Award.


Toolbox - domestic violence and intimate partner homicide

This paper highlights two specific aspects to practitioners and policymakers working in the field of domestic violence. The first emphasises the need for targeted and tailored approaches. Domestic violence is often treated as a single phenomenon, yet we can identify different types: situational couple violence and intimate terrorism. Secondly, we emphasises one of the targeted approaches that has received less attention within this field: perpetrator programmes. These programmes work with violent men and aim to increase their sense of responsibility and accountability for their behaviour and to enable them to unlearn this behaviour.


What works to prevent domestic burglaries?

Domestic burglary

This paper aims to support European, national and local stakeholders by providing an overview of the initiatives which may, or may not, be successful in preventing domestic burglaries. All initiatives have been grouped in three categories: namely those for which strong evidence, moderate evidence or limited evidence is available. This paper is available in 24 languages.


 Our anniversary

20th anniversary

It is a special year for EUCPN 
as we celebrate our 20th anniversary on 28 May 2021. Learn more about what we do.


Crime prevention - a European definition

The EUCPN defines crime prevention as:

Ethically acceptable and evidence-based activities aimed at reducing the risk of crime occurring and its harmful consequences with the ultimate goal of working towards the improvement of the quality of life and safety of individuals, groups and communities

The paper covers this definition in depth, offering information on the different aspects within our understanding of crime prevention.


Working Agreement with CEPOL 

EUCPN Chair Ivo Jakić
EUCPN Chair Ivo Jakić

On 23 June we have signed a Working Agreement with CEPOL (European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training) to strengthen our cooperation. The Agreement allows participation of the EUCPN Secretariat in CEPOL training sessions and CEPOL staff in EUCPN activities and enhances the dissemination of crime prevention initiatives and research.

The document was signed by CEPOL’s Executive Director, Dr.h.c Detlef Schröder and the current Chair of EUCPN, Mr. Ivo Jakić. Commenting on the signing of the Working Agreement, Executive Director of CEPOL, Dr.h.c Detlef Schröder stated:

CEPOL and EUCPN have worked together for several years in promoting crime prevention knowledge and practices among the law enforcement communities of EU Member States. I welcome the formalisation of this cooperation, which strengthens the important work both parties carry out and provides a good opportunity to emphasise the importance of common trainings for law enforcement officials to raise awareness and increase knowledge of international and European co-operation instruments and mechanisms. (Source)