Charlton Athletic Football Club Social Inclusion Programme

Kent is one of the largest counties within the UK and is situated south east of London. It has a high number of old housing estates and a very high level of young people. The Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) indicate that these areas demonstrate a higher level of youth crime rates, anti-social behaviour and school exclusions, giving rise to higher levels of juvenile delinquency. The project focused on re-engaging ‘at risk’ young people by using professional football coaching as a vehicle for engagement.

Young people were identified in communities and within schools who were on the cusp of offending or being at risk of crime and anti-social behaviour. Once the professional football coaches had engaged with and won the trust and confidence of the young people through a range of sports, they could then educate and develop them to understand risks, be responsible for their actions and move away from a life of crime and juvenile delinquency.


The following objectives set were:

  • reduce exclusion rates in 2000 pupils identified at risk (thus avoiding the risk of becoming a victim or offender of crime and reducing the risk of delinquency)
  • increase ‘in school’ attendance by 4% (as above plus using the professional football coaches as education deliverers of crime prevention sessions)
  • decrease the number of PE (Physical Education) refusers by 25% (as above plus using sport as a means to improve health, channel enthusiasm and learn respect and fair play)
  • reduce Anti-Social Behaviour reports by 25% from those communities where the sessions were running (as above plus educating the young people to respect each other and the community they live in)
  • create a sense of community responsibility


The project started in 2007.
Last review: December 2011.


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