Child Line Campaign “Without Bullying”

Child Line Campaign “Without Bullying”



The fundamental goal of this campaign initiated by “Child Line” in 2004 is prevention of bullying and violence, main focus is paid to cyber-bullying. The campaign is targeted at creating safer environment in schools and kindergartens, but not that only; it aims to secure safer life for adults by focusing on the significance of this problem and the need to raise public awareness.

One week in March "Child Line" initiates "Action Week WITHOUT BULLYING" aimed at changing the attitude of society towards bullying from favorable into unfavorable. More than 1137 educational institutions (schools, kindergartens, NGOs) took part in the anti-bullying week in 2015. These educational institutions from all of 60 municipalities participated in this week by organizing various activities. The website of the campaign is

Child Line has organized various trainings about effective bullying prevention for children, teachers, parents during all campaign‘s „WITHOUT BULLYING“ period. In these training seminars people were taught how to recognize bullying phenomenon, how to distinguish it from another deviant aggressive behaviour and how to react correctly in „here and now“ situations. In trainings for school‘s 10 workers teachers and school staff were taught essential principles how the bullying prevention should be conducted in school, what the school‘s administration should do, how each one of the classes educator should work with his class and what should do each school worker if he notices or suspects bullying situation going on.

Also Child Line has published various methodological material for children, parents, school workers about bullying and prevention - leaflets, flyers, methodological publications, visual methodological material.


The Project started in  2004 and is still running.
Last review: September 2017.