Common Housing Estates (A country project - Police Headquaters in Łódź)

Common Housing Estates (A country project - Police Headquaters in Łódź)


This project covers 22 districts of the region. It promotes the partnership between the citizens, the Police and other local authorities by involving people and institutions in solving problems of public security.

An interactive website has been designed where the regional coordinator informs the society about any preventive initiatives conducted in the region and emails them to us.

Another initiative conducted within the programme is the project ‘Civil Patrol’. In 2009-2010 jobless people who were interested in working for the Police in the future were trained by police officers, court and prosecutor’ clerks and social welfare centre workers. They talked with citizens in their own local community and managed to get useful information about pathologies and they solved different problems connected with public security. At the end of the working day they made a report which was further sent to the Police or the local council depending on the problems identified.

Coordinators in the local units of the Police owing to the information campaigns stimulate the representatives of the local authorities into action and are in close contact with the citizens, thus they carry out prevention actions more effectively.

Moreover, in order to improve public security and the quality of life in the region we promote creating so called “safe spaces” through our actions. This involves proper lighting of the dangerous zones, taking care of green spaces, providing citizens with safe places to relax and children with safe playgrounds.


Lt. Robert Pawlak
Officer Police in Police Headquarters in Lodz
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The project started in 2008 and is still running.
Last review: November 2015.