CUAI – Critical Urban Areas Initiative

This initiative is implemented in 3 specific areas with critical vulnerabilities: 2 in the metropolitan area of Lisbon (Cova da Moura neighborhood in Amadora and Vale da Amoreira in Moita) and 1 in the metropolitan area of Oporto (Lagarteiro neighborhood).

The main objectives are:

  • To create new governance models in a shared path, between all the institutions (public and non-governmental) that intervene in each territory
  • To act in neighbourhood areas that present critical vulnerabilities, developing integrated social-territorial interventions, by implementing shared territorial interventions that address resolution of social and urban integration problems of excluded territories (it aims the material and non-material integration in the city), recognizing that local problems are an expression of non-local problems, and that frequently their resolution needs a supra-local intervention
  • As the action plan was conceived by all partners, it is assume that it implements the need and adequate solutions to the local problems as well as it gives us the tools to prevent some other possible problems. It is a holistic vision of critical urban areas intervention needs.


The project started in 2006.
Last review: October 2017.


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