Cybercrime - The criminal investigation department explains

Cybercrime - The criminal investigation department explains


“Those who know nothing must believe everything!” (Marie v. Ebner-Eschenbach)

A huge number of criminal offences could be prevented if the victims had been informed in advance of how criminals operate.

With this in mind, a Bavarian “cybercop” reveals the typical tricks played by fraudsters in short video clips. He provides insights into his daily work and describes how offenders work to achieve their goals. In addition, he provides useful hints and tips on how to prevent such crimes from happening in the first place.

By distributing such videos via official police social-media channels, the truly hairraising stories of modern fraudsters are revealed and potential victims are protected from suffering serious damage.

More than 250,000 users in less than three months have already benefitted from this completely new channel of communication between citizens and public authorities.


The project started on 10/06/2017 and it is a permanent project with no termination date.
Last review: December 2017.


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