Cypriot Policy on Cybercrime

Public Awareness

The Office of Combating Cybercrime cooperates closely with other governmental departments, NGOs and the private sector as regards the prevention of cybercrime. A member of the O.C.C. and a representative of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order sits on the Advisory Board of the “CyberEthics” project. Moreover, the members of O.C.C. deliver lectures on an annual basis to school students and teachers and other organized groups on the safe use of internet. For example, every year the O.C.C participates in the events organised for the Safe Internet Day. Additionally, in cooperation with the other CyberEthics project partners, the O.C.C organised events for the public in order to raise awareness regarding Internet safety. The O.C.C works closely with Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the Pedagogical Institute (Ministry of Education and Culture) and the Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation (OCECPR).

As part of its prevention policy, the O.C.C., issues and distributes leaflets on Internet safety in both the Greek and English language to all fifth elementary - grade students in Cyprus (5 000 leaflets). Other organisations involved in Internet safety such as the Pedagogical Institute, OCECPR, CNTI, CyberEthics and a number of ISPs, have issued their own educational material. Moreover, in cooperation with the Cyprus Police Press Office, the O.C.C. prepared a short video related to cyber bullying which is accessible via the Internet and is frequently presented on TV.

Furthermore, with the cooperation of the Cyprus Police Press Office and the Research and Development Department of the Cyprus Police, the O.C.C. launched in January 2015 the Cybercrime Reporting Platform which is accessible via the website During the same period, the Cyprus Police Press Office launched the Cyprus Police Mobile Application which offers useful information and a connection to the cybercrime reporting platform.


Since the adoption of the Cybersecurity Strategy, awareness raising is dealt with horizontally under the coordination of OCECPR. Within Action 14 several sub-working groups are focusing their efforts on specific target groups. In this context, the Ministry of Education and Culture has a leading role in drafting and implementing the National Strategy for the Safety of Children/students, teachers and parents on the Internet.