Cypriot Policy on Prostitution and Trafficking for sexual exploitation

The geographical location of Cyprus makes it a destination country for THB with sexual exploitation being one of the main forms of THB.

The Multidisciplinary Coordinating Group on trafficking in human beings which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior has the task of taking all necessary measures to combat THB in Cyprus and to protect victims in the context of a National Action Plan.

The Cyprus Police is a member of the Multidisciplinary Coordinating Group and is active in training Police Officers in modules on current laws and regulations, intelligence gathering and operations, victim identification, interview techniques, victims’ support and protection. Along the same lines, trainings and seminars are delivered to relevant stakeholders.

Specific actions have been included in the Cyprus NAP with regard to the training of Governmental officials and judges, while leaflets have been produced and are being distributed in order to inform the public, on such issues.

Moreover the National Referral Mechanism that has been put into force, provides for the procedures and steps that have to be followed by every governmental Department/ Service and NGO upon referral of a victim or a possible victim of human trafficking.  The primary concern of every organization involved in the NRM is the physical safety, protection and wellbeing of the potential victim.


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