‘Don’t you dare!’ Crime prevention model project ofmi Kortárssegítő Műhely [Workshop for the Support of Contemporaries in Esztergom]

The youngsters spend most of their spare-time with their friends, and their alcohol and drug consumption is considerably influenced by their desire to comply with and adapt to the contemporary generation. The creators of the project were right in recognizing and utilizing the possibilities of interaction in the contemporary generation.

The project aimed to grant opportunity for disadvantaged (having social and family problems, learning difficulties, under probation, commission of crimes, living in foster-home, belonging to the Roma population, etc.) young people to take part in contemporary support program in a frame of a creative work and to motivate this special target group to comply with the law. It was also targeted to give a positive example through establishing free personal relationships between the “representatives” of different social layers.

The deliverer of the project and its partners arranged a 40-hour contemporary supporter training program. Afterwards four short films, each modelling different types of crime, were shot, with the contemporary supporters acting therein. These films were in turn played and analysed in lessons in the educational institutes taking part in the program. Finally the expected legal consequences of the individual crimes – i.e. the criminal proceedings and the judgement – were presented in a public hearing, with the municipal judge, the district attorney, a defence counsel and the actors of the films playing their roles in dramatic ways.


Ildikó Hentes


The project started in 2005 and is now finished.
Last review: January 2020.


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