EUCPN Newsletter February 2015

 This is the EUCPN newsletter of February 2015.


New products EUCPN

  • New EUCPN website and Twitter account
  • European Crime Prevention Monitor 2014: Measuring corruption in the EU
  • Toolbox Series no. 5 – Administrative approach - policies & practices

Research and publications

  • EUROPOL: Organized crime (SOCTA/OCTA, IOCTA)
  • European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) Making rights real – A guide for local and regional authorities
  • Addressing forced marriage in the EU: legal provisions and promising practices
  • International centre for the prevention of crime: 4 th International report on crime prevention and community safety
  • European Parliament: The Inter-Agency Cooperation and Future Architecture of the EU criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Area, Violence towards children in the EU, Human smuggling incidents in the Mediterranean
  • Trends & issues in crime and criminal justice: Responding to organized crime through intervention in recruitment pathways, European Forum for Urban Security
  • UNODC: Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2014
  • Belgium: ISEC project ‘An integral methodology to develop an information-led and communityorientated policy to tackle domestic burglary (A methodology to tackle burglary)’ has been finalized
  • Denmark: Report on victimization
  • Latvia: Police knowledge on secondary victimization, Guidelines for police officers to avoid secondary victimization

Member States' good practices

  • Cybercrime - The Danish Crime Prevention Day
  • Germany: German policy on “secondary victimization”
  • Poland: The „White Ribbon” Campaign,  “Prison – waste of time” Project
  • Belgium: Strengthening Resilience against Violent Radicalisation (STRESAVIORA)
  • Portugal: Training secondary victimization, IAVE Project: Specific Victim Investigation and Support

Member States' good practices

  • Portugal Secondary victimization: Immigration and Border Services (SEF)

Upcoming events