EUCPN Newsletter September 2013

This is the EUCPN newsletter of September 2013.


Feedback on attended events

  • Expert meeting on administrative data collection on gender-based violence (GBV) in the EU
  • European Society of Criminology (4-7 September 2013, Hungary)

Research and publications

  • EUCPN SECRETARIAT Toolbox Series No. 3 - Evaluation of Crime Prevention Initiatives
  • European Crime Prevention Monitor 2013/1 - Priorities in crime prevention policies in Europe illustrated
  • EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CRIMINOLOGY: Who does what to whom? Gender and domestic violence perpetrators in English police records - HESTER, M
  • DENMARK: Socio-economic cost-benefit analysis, Crime in a digitalised world – identity theft and internet fraud,Troublesome youth groups in Denmark, Crime levels in local authorities and police districts 2011

Good practices in Member States

  • THE NETHERLANDS: Delinquent youth groups action programme
  • UNITED KINGDOM: Responsibility Deal Domestic Violence pledge launched, National model outcomes framework for survivors of violence against women and girls, National Group to Tackle Sexual Violence Against Children and Vulnerable People
  • SPAIN: New joint instruction on the operation of the units of coordination and violence on women National net of gender based violence units
  • HUNGARY: Best Practices of Community Conflict Management in the Central Eastern European Region

Upcoming events