fairplayer.manual/ – Science-based promotion of social and moral skills and prevention of bullying and violence in schools and sports clubs

The program “fairplayer” was developed to promote social and moral skills and to prevent bullying and violence among children and adolescents in schools and in sports clubs.

fairplayer.manual includes the prevention program carried out by specially trained staff (fairplayer.teamer) together with teachers in school classes. The other part consists of advanced training elements and workshops for teachers. implements the prevention program in sports clubs with the option to train the trainer and other persons in charge.

The training concepts fairplayer.manual and use different methods depending on learning goals and exercise context. These methods include model learning, behavior feedback, structured role-play (e.g. simulating a bullying situation with changing roles), dilemma discussions, cooperative games (e.g. managing different soc-cer tasks as a team) and trust exercises (e.g. guiding a blind-folded partner who is controlling a ball over the soccer field).

The prevention program pursues the following goals:

  • Raising awareness of antisocial behavior/bullying and providing knowledge about pro-social and “fair” behavior
  • Promoting the sense for personal responsibility, to sharpen the sense for violent situations/bullying and to bolster the readiness to act in a smart, adequate and responsible way in such situations
  • Fostering of positive peer relations, cooperation and class or team climate
  • Promoting empathy, anticipation, social-emotional competencies and positive behavior, acquiring strategies to deal with negative emotions, improving self-perception and self-assessment
  • Supporting the acquisition of adequate action strategies as well as fostering prosocial and fair behavior; preventing violent behavior
  • All in all, reducing or preventing aggressive and violent behavior and preventing bullying and victimization




The project started in 2004 and is still running.
Last review: September 2014.


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