"Harassment and violence 2008, prevention service of the city of Leuven" ("Pesten en geweld 2008, preventiedienst Leuven")

The project "Harassment and violence (2008)" of the prevention service of Leuven aims at an integral, preventive approach of harassment and violence in the school community of Leuven, both for the primary and secondary schools.

The project consists of four components, with different methodologies and different target groups.

  • The first component is the website "" (""), created for youngster of the secondary schools in Leuven. The website provides information on harassment and violence. One can find for instance data on computer harassment, and the difference with teasing and discrimination. Besides this, the website offers a news page and there are plenty of links to good information sources and assistance bodies. The website was designed by a student webdesign as part of a website. The winning design refers strongly to the local context of Leuven. The website was launched with an extensive poster and gadget campaign. So, all 15000 pupils of Leuven received an original pen and over 400 posters were distributed.
  • Secondly, there are workshops "Without striking a blow" for teachers of the primary and secondary education. These workshops provide information on a safe school and class climate. Themes in 2008 were: child abuse, dealing with aggression, drawing lines, computer harassment and youth culture. There were 73 and 63 participants.
  • The third component is the consultation group "Integrated Approach of Inconvenience by Youngsters", with relevant partners in Leuven (police, prevention, assistance, public transport). General and concrete problem situations that have to do with the school community are discussed. Besides this, the working group is a sounding board for preventive actions.
  • Finally, the prevention service organized sensitizing theatrical performances ("Straff! and Goed Gevoel Machine") for children from the primary education. These theatrical performances aim to make harassment a subject of discussion and to provide behaviour alternatives to the children, so they have less chances to become a victim in the future. These performance also contribute to a positive school climate.


The project started in 2008 and is now finished.
Last review: October 2015


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