Hungary: I Stand Up for You! / I Stand Up for Myself!

The "I Stand Up for You/I Stand Up for Myself" project is a comprehensive, innovative and artistic program aimed at raising awareness and addressing a pressing issue within society: juvenile prostitution, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking. Its primary objective is to prevent young people from becoming victims of these forms of exploitation.
In addition to prevention, the program focuses on educating young people about the process of victimization, enhancing their resilience, and introducing them to positive role models who have grown up in state care. It also aims to sensitize professionals involved in the lives of these young people and shape societal attitudes.
Additionally, it aims to strengthen collaboration between social workers and law enforcement professionals in combating human trafficking and prostitution.
Drama pedagogy is the chosen method for this proj

The project started on 26 November 2015 and is still running.

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