Immediate Separation & Monitoring of Alleged Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

Generally, the purpose of the program is aimed at ensuring that the alleged aggressor leave the family residence, in order to ensure calm and to minimize the risk of a second incident taking place, while allowing the victim to safely remain in the family residence.

The procedures aim at avoiding a repeat offence by offering immediate rehabilitation counselling to the alleged aggressor. The system is also aimed at ensuring that the victim has access to help. The new procedures are founded on a strong partnership between the Prosecutor of Marseille and local probation and victims assistance associations.


Jacques BEAUME, Public Prosecutor
Tribunal de Grande Instance de MARSEILLE

Magali DELABY, substitute to the Public Prosecutor in charge of domestic violence
Tribunal de Grande Instance de MARSEIELLE


The project started in 2000 and is still running.
Last review: September 2015.