Italian Policy on Vehicle crime


The number of vehicle crimes reported over the last 3 years (2011-2013) has increased, on average, by 4%.

Relevant legislation:

In Italy, the most common alleged vehicle-related offences are theft, receiving of stolen goods, embezzlement, recycling, fraud and robbery.
Charging the offenders with criminal association makes it possible to better tackle this phenomenon as the penalties imposed on those found guilty are tougher.

Policy activity:

Membership of the European Working Group CARPOL within the LAW ENFORCEMENT WORKING PARTY. Cooperation with the various European Agencies involved in the fight against international vehicle trafficking, among which EUBAM-FRONTEX-EUROPOL.
Coordination between the Public Security Department’s Offices responsible for the exchange of information regarding international vehicle trafficking, among which INTERPOL, SIRENE and the EUROPOL National Unit.

Closer cooperation with public and private bodies directly concerned by this phenomenon, and in particular the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (MOTORIZZAZIONE CIVILE), the Italian Automobile Club  – Public Vehicle Registration Office (ACI-PRA), the National Association of Insurance Companies (ANIA), the Italian Association of Toll Motorway and Tunnel Companies (AISCAT), leasing and rental companies.

Wider availability of databases (Police Forces, including foreign Law Enforcement Agencies, vehicle manufacturers, Chamber of Commerce, telephone companies, etc.).

A more effective exchange of information and cooperation on investigations with all other European Police Forces dealing with international vehicle trafficking, in particular with respect to Eastern European countries characterised by a larger flow of vehicles.

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