Kaleidoscoop (Perry Pre-school Project)

The aim of this programme is to prepare 3 and 4-year-olds from disadvantaged backgrounds for school. It was set up in the United States in 1962 (under the name Perry Preschool Project) to increase educational and other opportunities for children and young people from the poorest neighbourhoods by stimulating their cognitive, social and physical development.

Since 1994 the programme has been further developed and adapted for the Netherlands under the name 'Kaleidoscoop'. Many ethnic minority preschoolers do not speak Dutch as well as their mother tongue, especially before they start going to playgroups. This in itself can cause them to fall behind.

The method is based on the theory that children acquire knowledge and develop skills through active involvement with people, materials, situations and ideas.


www.kaleidoscoop.org (Dutch) or http://www.highscope.org/Research/PerryProject/perrymain.htm (English)


The project started in 1994 and is still running.
Last review: November 2006.