“Let´s Protect Each Other”

“Let´s Protect Each Other”


The project “Let´s Protect Each Other” is focused on active seniors willing to take part in voluntary activities consisting in visiting lonely seniors and also on passive seniors acting as the recipients of information on safety and protection.

The principal aim of the project consists in active seniors´ education with the intention of their safety improvement. Such education shall be provided by means of voluntary work and shall result in the improvement of the personal safety of others, especially lonely seniors.

As for its content, the project primarily consists in the involvement of active seniors in the process of criminality prevention in our town. The project shall further result in providing objective information on criminality prevention to the target group, in getting the possibilities of contacting with specialists, in learning social skills, in changing the attitudes of citizens to their own safety, in decreasing their fear and anxiety related to crime, in intensifying mutual informal relations with other seniors, neighbouring families and other citizens and in building up the feeling of their mutual responsibility, fellowship etc.


The Project started in June 2012 and is still running.
Last review: December 2016.


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