Lithuanian Policy on Prostitution and Trafficking for sexual exploitation

Lithuania faces international and domestic trafficking in human beings cases for sexual and labour exploitation. It is much affected by social, economic and legal differences among countries, the demand of prostitution and cheap labour, migration and criminal contacts abroad.

The state policy on the prevention of such a negative phenomenon in Lithuania is based on a long-term and integrated approach. In 2009, The Government of the Republic of Lithuania approved the third Governmental programme, The Programme for the Prevention and Control of Trafficking in Human Beings for 2009-2012, oriented towards combating trafficking in human beings. The first programme covered the period of 2002-2004 and the second one was run in 2005-2008.

The present multidisciplinary actions of prevention of Trafficking in Human Beings are incorporated into the Action Plan of the National Programme for Crime Prevention and Control for 2013-2015. It has the objectives to improve the professional skills of responsible specialists in the field of service, comprehensive assistance to victims of trafficking and forced prostitution, provision and protection of their rights; cooperation in the fight against human trafficking assurance, pays particular attention developing international and regional cooperation. The activities of these programmes including the projects for rendering assistance to trafficking in human beings victims are financed from the state budget.

The national interdepartmental Commission coordinates this implementation. It is chaired by the Ministry of the Interior which is responsible for policy formation within the area. The investigations of trafficking in human beings are run and led by specialized police investigators and prosecutors. The most active NGO in assisting victims of trafficking in human beings in Lithuania remains The Lithuanian Caritas.

Contact details:
Ministry of the Interior, e-mail: (any questions);
Police Department under the MoI, e-mail: (for police activity questions);
Ministry of Social Security and Labour, e-mail: (for assistance to victims questions).

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