Magdolna Quarter Programme II - Social and Crime Prevention Sub-programme (Budapest-Józsefváros)

The Magdolna Quarter Programme II is an integrated social urban renewal program supported by the EU and implemented over Budapest’s largest continuous social and economic crisis area between November 2005 and April 2011.

The population of Józsefváros district faces serious social and security problems. According to criminal statistics between 2002-2008, the number of recorded crime/100 000 persons in the district is one of the highest of Budapest districts for both violent and property crimes. The number of reported cases of crimes in public spaces shows continuous increase since 2003.

The Social and Crime Prevention Sub-programme is delivered between 2007 and 2010, consisting of the following components:

  • crime prevention classes for elementary-school students
  • restorative group training for students and teacher training
  • low-threshold services extended to addicts and drug addicted youth (drop in service and street outreach work)
  • neighbourhood policing project
  • intensive family preservation services – experimental project
  • street social work and casual employment for the homeless
  • closed-circuit television installation (CCTV) in some council buildings owned by the local government
  • operating a professional team dealing with crime prevention

Further aims of the sub-programme included:

  • The application of innovative crime prevention means and methods, that are new in Hungary, such as restorative techniques, neighbourhood policing, intensive family preservation services
  • The concentration and penetration of certain social services within the quarter which may reduce the risk of crime: services provided for drug users, care for the homeless
  • Developing cooperation between local professionals engaged in crime prevention and public safety


The project started in 2007 and was finished in 2011.
Last review: January 2020.


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