Not every train goes to Hollywood

Not every train goes to Hollywood


The program consisted of a series of trainings addressed to the pedagogical environment. Training had brought closer the issues of human trafficking and familiarized teachers with the specificity of the phenomena to effective prevention work with youth. Provided the opportunity to exchange international experience between Polish, Ukrainian and Belarusian police in combating this type of crime as well as in cooperating on their limitations. The project created a website which brings closer information in the most important content on the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings. Introduced social activities, poster-information actions and education campaigns resulted in learn about the crimes in this area to residents and visitors to the region of Western Pomerania. The conference presenting the problem and providing information in this regard gave the broader audience closer inter-institutional co-operation position. Further educational activities, implemented jointly with the youth, making of preventive film and conducting prevention activities allowed to discuss the problem directly with those who, because of risky decisions are the most vulnerable to this type of incident. Continuation of the program in other projects allows to keep it with new preventive elements. Any assumptions and objectives of the project have been fully achieved.


The project started In 2008 and is now finished.
Last review: November 2015.


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