Play Your Role: Gamification against Hate Speech

The project focuses on overcoming cyber-bullying and hate speech on video game platforms, and reducing tolerance for hate speech among 11-19-yearolds. The particularly low recognition capacity of hate speech among children and the lack of education among teachers and other adults in this area do not adequately contribute to prevention. The aim of this project is to enable adults to educate children on bullying topics, using such an important environment of video games for young people of this age. The aim is that these and similar methods can contribute to the eradication of electronic bullying at the very foundation level, through education and the enhancement of adult competences. The aim of this project is not to punish and threaten but to offer an alternative: to encourage young people themselves to choose in what environment they want to spend time in.


The project ran from 1/07/2019 till 30/06/2021.

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