Portugal: Campo Seguro 2022 (Secure Field 2022)

The Community Policing model developed by Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR), is based on a comprehensive and on raising awareness of the population's safe way of life, seeking to integrate the Security Forces into society and to involve the population in solving local security problems. Every year, agricultural holdings carry out harvesting, preparation, transport and processing campaigns for the sale of agricultural products, and GNR has taken the initiative to raise awareness of the risks inherent to this activity. Thus, through this Operation, the aim is to raise awareness among the population in general, and the rural population in particular, to adopt behaviours so as to prevent possible criminal offences, namely theft of agricultural products, theft of copper and other non-precious metals and labour exploitation situations especially linked to THB.

Timeline: 04/07/22 - 31/12/22

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