Portuguese Policy on Domestic Violence

Portugal is now in its fifth National Plan against Domestic Violence (2014-2017) (Resolution of the Council of Ministers 102/2013, of the 31st of December).

This Plan enlarges the scope of action, including also other types of gender violence, such as female genital mutilation and sexual violence (V National Plan of prevention and fighting domestic and gender violence).

The Plan aims to consolidate the strategy and actions previously developed by strengthening the protection of victims and the interventions with perpetrators, deepening the knowledge of associated phenomena, the prevention of such crimes, qualification of professionals and the strengthening of the network of support structures and services provided to victims existing in the country.

The National Plan is organized in five strategic areas (in a total of 55 measures):

  1. Prevent, raise awareness and educate;
  2. Protect victims and promote their integration;
  3. Intervene with perpetrators;
  4. Train and qualify professionals;
  5. Investigate and monitor.

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