Prevention of violence and crime against senior citizens in Valencienne

Like many European cities, Valenciennes, a city of 42,000 situated in the north of France, is facing the challenges posed by its ageing population. Preventing crime targeted at senior citizens has become a priority area of its overall prevention strategy. In order to empower senior citizens so that they can protect themselves and know what municipal services to resort to, the city has integrated crime prevention in all the aspects of its policy on seniors. Based on a broad partnership involving all the relevant local stakeholders, this policy seeks to provide older residents of with a series of bespoke services, but also awareness-raising campaigns and training in the form of thematic workshops, for example on cyberfraud and road safety. Valenciennes is member of the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities.


The Project started in 2010 and is still running.
Last review: December 2016.


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