Project Forum theatre

On the 2nd of October 2017, at 12 o'clock, an interactive activity took place at The National College „Mircea cel Batran” from Ramnicu Valcea, of which topic regarded the new trends for on line communication- relationship, victimization risks. The activity was about a theatrical performance, forum theatre. The play was performed by foreign volunteers from Spain, Turkey and Portugal, all of them being students who are included as volunteers at Valcea County Police Inspectorate in a project financed by Erasmus Program.

The play has four acts, the first is about the relationship of two teenagers and their way of communication, moreover, the means of information which they use to know and relate each other. The second one refers to a moment in which, the female character, as the partner’s request, sends him compromising photos, due to the impulse of the adolescence and as a consequence of an emotional blackmail „show me, if you love me!”. The third act is a description of the moment in which their relationship has broken up and the very next moment, in which, the male character posts on line the photos about his ex girlfriend. The fourth part presents a moment in which the male character’s friends disapprove his behavior and express their indignation about sending those images (this description is a video projection, the characters not being on the stage) and the second moment in which the female character appears on the stage, her friend relates about the whole story, she rejects the idea of being posted those photos, then, she denies the fact that she is the one from those photos and, in the end, she commits suicide.

The aim of the play is to focus on the danger of the new generation using the social media excessively, the risks for relationships made in or by online.

The technique of forum theatre is about the auditorium teenagers’ involvement, the fragmentation of the play and an active involvement in that action as an aggressor, interveners and victim.

Tips regarding the main self-protection measures and security sources were presented to the auditorium at the end of the play. This way of getting information was so well seen by teenagers that it will be put on the scene in all high schools from Ramnicu Valcea in the next months and teenagers have made the proposal and availability to present another play for their colleagues from middle school.