Safe Behaviour on the Internet

Safe Behaviour on the Internet

With the beginning of the Internet era, the fifth – cyberspace has arisen alongside the other four areas of human activities, i.e. land, air, sea and space. The phenomenon affects the majority of us, both young and elderly. The cyberspace has no walls. Thus, there are no efficient obstacles for criminal activity. The number of cybercrimes, both in Lithuania and around the world, is constantly growing, the ways and methods of committing crimes are becoming more sophisticated, a great damage is done to personal rights and massive loses are incurred by the Internet users. The global nature of the cyberspace presupposes that nowadays a person located in a certain place of the world can commit a crime in the opposite part of the world by several presses of buttons on his/her keyboard much easier and faster than ever. Such a criminal no longer needs to travel to the country of the victim, the latter can be reached now anywhere in the world where the Internet is available.

The main risk group of the Internet users are the beginners: children, inexperienced users, who lack knowledge about the safe behaviour on the Internet. In order to provide the knowledge about the protection from the Internet threats lurking in the cyberspace, it is necessary to disseminate the information related to this issue as much as possible to protect the people from becoming the victims of cybercrimes or from becoming involved in committing a cybercrime.


The project was launched on 1 March 2016 and continued till February 2017.
Last review: January 2020.


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