Safe senior in safe home

The project was especially designed to meet the expectations of a precisely described target group - elderly people. Its main objective is to prevent the crimes of which usually elderly people become victims of.

Wide range of actions undertaken included among other:

  1. educational activities - lectures, seminars and workshops given at the University of Third Age, sermons warning from becoming a victim of various kinds of frauds or other crimes given by priests, meetings with seniors from various retired people associations, visits in medical care centers for elderly people
  2. rising awareness information campaign - shooting a TV spot, radio spots, doing interviews with policemen in local media, organizing press conference about the project
  3. preventive initiatives of an creative nature - theatre workshops, painting and photo contests


kom. Anna Sikora
Regional Police Headquarters in Szczecin


The project started in 2009 and is still running.
Last review: November 2015.


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