Secure life in old age

The project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. It touched upon different types of risks in later life, including intimate partner violence, frauds and scams, undetected homicide cases, and abuse of older care recipients by family caregivers. Drawing upon a criminological model known as the Routine Activity Approach, it conceived of in-home nursing staff as possible guardians in domestic care settings. The project combined trainings for nursing staff with approaches to organizational development at the level of the home-care services. Domestic violence victim services were checked with regard to their adaptation and adaptability to specific needs of older battered women. The project produced awareness raising materials with regard to property offences against older persons and set up recommendations touching upon the problem of non-natural deaths remaining undetected among older persons.


The project started in November 2008 and ran untill February 2012.
Last review: December 2016.


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