During this period, the Slovak Republic conducted a campaign to combat trafficking in human beings. The first campaign called superzá offers protection against THB through a website (website in Slovakian) On this web page you can see fake employment agency offering well paid jobs abroad and does not demand good knowledge of foreign language. If a person is interested, he should registrate on the website to receive more information about the jobs and provide another e-mail address of his family member or a friend.

After registering on this website, an email is sent to registrated person and additional address, containing a warning such as:

“Maria (30 years old) from Slovakia, was foud by police in critical conditions. She went abroad to find a job and has become a victim of trafficking in human beings.“ This is a type of message your friends and relatives could receive one day. Do you want to know how to prevent from becoming a victim of trafficking in human beings? Click here.