Suvanto-linja - The national help-line (Suvanto-line) for elderly people

Suvanto-linja - The national help-line (Suvanto-line) for elderly people


The Suvanto help-line is a national help-line for elderly people facing violent or abusive conditions or mistreatment that threatens the person’s wellbeing, security or health. People who are close to the elderly can also ask for advice. The provision of specialised support and advice founded on the combination of expertise of elderly people and knowledge of elderly victims/survivors of abuse showcases the innovative nature of the project.

The Suvanto help-line project started in September 2011 and has been part of Suvanto’s regular service provision since then. Professionals and volunteers co-operate in providing the service. Should a caller need further personal support, Suvanto help-line representatives may refer the person to one-on-one counselling or peer support groups organised by the Suvanto Association. These services are available to elderly people living in or nearby the capital area of Finland. Referrals to other types of relevant and suitable services in all parts of Finland are provided as well.

The project was built in co-operation with Finnish non-profit organisations offering help and support by phone. The pilot project was funded by the Ministry of Justice and the on-going work is funded by Finland's Slot Machine Association RAY. During the pilot project, co-operation was made with Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Students went through a training period to became help line representatives.

Suvanto-line has brought up elderly’s experiences of violence, faults in legislations and insufficiencies in services in a new way. The help-line has been succesful in encouraging the elderly to get help when they need. Help-line’s customers have been satisfied with the service according to feedback.


The project started in September 2011 and was finished at the end of 2012.
The project is now a regular service provided by Suvanto – For A Safe Old Age Association.
Last review: October 2017.