Sweden: Fair competition in the Swedish construction industry

Byggföretagen is Sweden’s premier trade and industry federation in the construction industry. We organize 4000 membership companies employing 115 000 employees. We are the main negotiator with the trade unions regarding the collective agreement. We are therefore a central part of upholding the Swedish model on the Swedish labor market. Byggföretagen has 160 employees at 26 regional offices across Sweden.
In the project Sund konkurrens (Fair competition) Byggföretagen are working with a wide range of measures and decisions that contributes to the effort of making it harder exploiting workers and thereby gaining unfair competitive advantages through it in the construction industry. Over the years our work has contributed to both national legislations, industry wide policy changes and hands-on services. All with the aim to reduce the number of workers that gets exploited in the construction industry.

The project started on 1 January 2018 and is still running.

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