The Anchor Project

The Anchor Project


The idea for the project came up in join meetings for the municipal authorities, health care authorities and the police, where it was established that young people were regularly customers of all these services. The idea was to arrange an experiment to see whether a multi-professional team could make the processing of young people’s matters faster and more efficient. If successful, the project could also lead to cost savings.

Ankkuri workmodel is based on co-operation, where by different authorities work together at the police station. This way the customers of Ankkuri-team can get as comprehensive services as they need from the same place.

Ankkuri is community policing at its most effective. It utilises the expertise of various authorities and helps them reach their objectives more efficiently. This makes it possible to break the vicious circle of criminal activity and prevents young people from becoming marginalised.

In addition to helping young people, Ankkuri also aims to disclose, prevent and terminate intimate partner violence (domestic violence). Ankkuri provides victims of domestic violence with support, an opportunity to bring the matter out into the open, and to get the process started.




The project started in 2004 and is now finished.
Last review: october 2017.


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