The Gävle Anti-Bullying Model

The Gävle Anti-Bullying model is an evidence-based template for combating bullying. The active components have been chosen on the basis of a Swedish national evaluation of commercial anti-bullying programs. The “component model” was offered to schools for voluntary participation. A rolling implementation (2012) has resulted in all municipal schools requesting to be involved (35 schools, with about 11,500). The model is based on agreed School Safety Plans, designated Safety Teams in each school, assisted by a designated Program Aide in each participating school. School principals are involved at all stages. A municipal project co-ordinator and a quality assurance officer guide the model and provide feedback through the bi-annual school safety questionnaire. Detailed data is given to school principals. Data is also analysed by University Researchers who are members of a steering committee. Using the exact same measurement tool, rates of bullying in the municipality are 20% to 40% lower than the Swedish national average (8,2%).


The project started on 15/07/2012, with rolling implementation, and is still running.

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