Train the trainers

Train the trainers


Professional handling of domestic violence is a field of work that requires an officer with a great deal of knowledge and the right skills to work with people. Dealing with this area involves working with families, parents and children and the ties between them: biological but, even more, psychological attachment and perhaps even dependency.

This project, with its sub-projects, enables the police officers receiving emergency calls, the officers arriving first at a crime scene and the officers investigating domestic violence cases to comprehend the extensiveness and complexity of domestic violence.

The training is delivered by experienced colleagues – police and criminal investigation officers, and includes the dynamics of violence, the circle of violence, victims’ survival strategies, and all factors of minimising the causes of violence by perpetrators. Officers are able to study the legislative regulations in-depth, implemented regulations as well as the case of law so far.

For qualified trainers, the project will continue in the form of regular working training meetings aimed at in-depth study of individual cases and acquiring additional expert knowledge and communication skills.


Responsible experts for the project are:

Neža Miklič
Head of Juvenile Crime Section, Senior Criminal Police Inspector Specialist

Anton Toni Klančnik
MA, Senior Criminal Police Inspector Specialist


The project started in 2011 and is still running.
Last review: January 2020.


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