„Yellow and Red Card”

The project was initiated by the Elblag Town Police Headquarters. It resulted from noticing the problem of non-observance of the law, especially by people who were intoxicated with alcohol.

The project assumes systematic supervision in the range of occurrences concerning non-observance of public order in and in the immediate neighbourhood of premises selling/ serving spirits and connected with infringing regulations of “Act of Upbringing in Sobriety and Counteracting Alcoholism”. Premises where offences against property, public order and peace, safety of persons and property, public morality and devices of public use and occurrences constituting an offence against legal order defined in “Act of Upbringing in Sobriety and Counteracting Alcoholism” were detected and confirmed twice in the period of the following six months, receive a document called “Yellow Card”, which contains a warning that in case of another infringement of the law and order the administration organ entitled to take legal proceedings concerning withdrawal of the license for selling/ serving spirits will be informed. A copy of a document is sent to the office, which has issued the license for selling/ serving spirits.

In case of detecting and confirming a single act of infringing legal regulations constituting an offence defined in “Act of Upbringing in Sobriety and Counteracting Alcoholism” or detecting and confirming a new act constituting a basis for drawing up a “yellow card” within the period of 6 following months starting from the day it was sent, a document called “Red Card” is drawn up. The document, together with a motion for taking administration proceedings concerning withdrawal of a license for selling/ serving spirits is sent to an appropriate Office. The owner of the premise receives a copy of the document.


Project Manager: Junior Inspector Krzysztof Konert – Elblag Town
Police Deputy Commandant,
Address: Komenda Miejska Policji w Elblągu (Elblag Town Police Headquarters ),
ul.1000-lecia 3, 82-300 Elblag, Poland
Telephone number: +48 (55) 230 15 02


The project started in 2001.
Last review: November 2015.


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