EFUS Conference: Security, Democracy and Cities

EFUS Conference: Security, Democracy and Cities
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International and interdisciplinary the Security, Democracy and Cities 2021 conference is organised by the European Forum for Urban Security in Nice.

Efus’ action is based on the belief that security is a common good that must be delivered with the participation of all relevant stakeholders in urban life and be founded on a balanced combination of prevention, sanction and social cohesion. The conference will address the issues of governance and its distribution between the different territorial levels and of the participation of the private sector and civil society, in particular citizens, in security policies.  

During two and a half days, participants will discuss possible solutions to complement national and European responses to the challenges confronting cities, in particular the prevention of violent radicalisation, the fight against discrimination, the prevention of violence against women, victim support, urban planning, nightlife management, polarisation, technologies, climate change and security, etc. These topics will be addressed at plenary sessions or through workshops, discussion panels, master classes, training sessions, zoom sessions and field visits.

Unique in its field, this event is geared towards all those involved in urban security: elected officials, civil servants, national administration, magistrates, law enforcement agencies, social workers, researchers, and representatives of the private sector and civil society.