ENAA _ 2nd Expert Meeting ‘EU Handbook’

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This meeting is part of a larger exercise of creating a EU Handbook on the subject of the administrative approach, organised by the European Network on the Administrative Approach tackling serious and organised crime (ENAA). The primary aim of the meeting is to bring together different (expert) opinions/experiences - i.e. policy makers, academics, local practitioners, etc. - to create a unique platform of discussion and ultimately a concrete instrument or guideline(s) with recommendations to inform and support policy makers, as well as practitioners in the field.

The goal of the second meeting is to define what the administrative approach is and to look at the different ‘pillars’ that are needed to have an effective administrative approach. The number of participants is ten people – each of which have a particular expertise in the domain - in order to get a focused and in-depth discussion in which all viewpoints can be explored in a dynamic way.