Action plan on drugs Kempen: a multidisciplinary and integrated approach

The Action plan on drugs Kempen is based on the fact that the drug problem is expanding and transcends the regional problem. At the same time, a new, innovative approach was needed in the region. The steering group brings all relevant partners together so that interorganizational pilot projects can be launched (local authorities, social services, prevention work, doctors, assistance, police, public prosecutor's office, ...). These pilot projects are innovative and different, but also allow new methodologies to be tested.

The Action plan on drugs Kempen strives for less problematic substance use in an efficient and humane way and by extension also less individual and social damage in the long term. By means of the plan, the project group wants to decrease:

  • the number of addicted citizens;
  • the chronic issue;
  • the individual physical and psychosocial damage of substance use;
  • the negative consequences for society (safety risks, nuisances and crime).


The project was launched on 01/01/2017 and is still running. 

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