By learning to the valuable life

Project consists of the lectures, consultations and sport-preventive activities. Five subjects were involved , one of it from the non governmental organizations. After negotiations and agreement by the single subjects, begins the implementation of the projects. Important part of the project is networking, transfer of information to the participating subjects. Lectures are targeted on the pupils from 6th. class of the grammar schools and for the students of the secondary schools.

Except the main theme it contains the following range of lectures:
    • Drug prevention
    • Prevention of trafficking in human beings
    • How not to became a victim
    • Manipulation of the juvenile personality
    • Self-respect and motivation
    • Sects, (cults) and their negative influence
    • New trends in relaxation
    • Friendship and emotional attitudes of juveniles
    • Life values and partner relations
    • Bullying and domestic violence

The components of the projects are also
    • Publications and medial activities
    • Organizations of courses
    • Organization of sport-preventive activities
    • Advisory activities

Lecture activities of the project are especially oriented to the bullying interrelated to the domestic violence. Nor the juveniles today and in many cases neither teachers are adequately familiar with this fact. We try to point out that the vicious circle of violence, which passes from the family to the school and other way round. By lectures and discussions by using the casuistic we inform the target group about this serious problem and the possibilities of solution. At the same time we offer the aid of experts involved to the project.

We have chosen till now the most effective way of prevention and it is the information about the cases from real life, by the means of which we teach to react correctly and to solve the problem of domestic violence. During the project we are all the time in the contact with the co-ordinators. Enriching are the courses of self-defence for the girls and women. The aim of this course is also to strengthen their healthy self-confidence.

Project was implemented because of the fact that in our city , there was not yet an intensive information campaign against domestic violence and for its prevention. Till now nobody informed at schools about the relations of bullyimg as its result of the domestic violence. The project was implemented in the year 2006 in the city Pezinok, where are 4 grammar schools, 1 secondary school , and two apprentice schools.


The project started in 2007 and is still running.
Last review: September 2015.


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