Do not try to fool me

Do not try to fool me


The project “Do not try to fool me” was created to prevent crimes of fraud against elderly people through increasing awareness about these crimes and make it easier for possible victims to recognise attempts of fraud and to protect themselves against it.

The method that was chosen for the project was to create an information package and a structure for how the material could be used in active meetings where the participants who take part can train for different situations where they could be victims of fraud and how they can act to prevent being the victim of fraud.

The material is supposed to be used at three different meetings and includes a guide for the meeting-leader, three different short films and three different learning-guides. Every occasion includes working with one film and one learningguide. The material is self-instructing and based on different cases that can be used for discussion and practical exercises.


The Project started in September 2015 and is now part of a permanent activity.
Last review: October 2017.


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