Don’t only teach, but entertain!

The National Crime Prevention Council of Hungary (NBT) started intensive internet communication in 2015. The Council tries to find those channels on the internet which lead them to their target groups directly and make the Council be able to involve masses into their conversations about crime prevention. As a first attempt NBT initiated a blog on the biggest Hungarian internet content provider’s surface (

The blog deals with crime prevention topics relying on the interest of the public, and NBT tries to serve them imperceptibly among the entertaining contents. For this, the Council had to give up the usual practice and convert the crime prevention news into the language of nowadays press.

The entries of the blog are understandable, clear, interesting and useful; hereby they may turn from boring police information into a valuable, saleable material for the on-line media. The portal receives exciting contents from the Council, and NBT’s blog gains a surface on the most visited Hungarian site.

Thanks to this, the NBT blog’s notes appear on several other websites by the shares of the different social groups who are active internet users, and the themes and suggestions can get deeper in the layers of the internet. The articles are spread on forums, special websites, even in printed forms, because they have already appeared as a kind of poster. Probably „the good cause”, the public affairs, the collective interest motivate those people who share the articles. This social activity is very important in the dissemination of useful messages.

The aim of the Crime Prevention Council is to develop an exciting, interesting and informative knowledge, the details of which can be successfully spread by the internet readers’ shares. The blog started in July 2015 and until December 2015 it was read approximately 130.000 times.

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