European Crime Prevention Award 2021 (documents)

The projects, one per Member State, submitted to compete in the ECPA, should address the prevention of bullying and violence among minors (both online and offline). Please send the projects for the ECPA in English to the EUCPN Secretariat, through the National Representative of the EUCPN. The deadline to submit the projects is 15 October 2021. Further information on this year's edition can be found here.

Below you can find the template applicable to the ECPA projects (Annex I), together with the evaluation form (Annex II), the Rules and procedures for awarding and presenting the ECPA (Annex III) and the Guidelines for presenters (Annex IV). A jury will evaluate all the projects submitted based on the template. Any extra information linked to the projects cannot be considered during the jury evaluation. Member States are invited to bring along any illustrative materials and creative solutions (DVD’s, flyers, posters, apps, links to websites, etc.) to the BPC, where the space is provided for presenting the materials. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the EUCPN Secretariat at